Keep life moving forward.

“Our goal is to get people feeling better through learning how to move differently. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and it’s important for quality of life. Anyone with a desire to improve overall health and wellness – starting at any level – can see exciting results.”

Mobility and body movement are things that most people take for granted. But injuries can happen in an instant – bending over to pick up a pencil, taking a suitcase down from an overhead bin, or an awkward twist of the body. Suddenly, how you move – or don’t move – affects your every waking hour.

Additionally, poor posture, too many hours sitting, and unknowingly counter-productive movements catch up to men and women and create problems.


Quality Of Life

Correct movement makes you feel better.

No Pain

Movement helps the healing process.

Better Athletics

Better movement habits improve performance.

Moving away from pain to mobility

People often come to our practice because they’re tired of hurting. Muscle pain doesn’t heal itself, and learning to live with it becomes tiresome. We talk with people about their goals, and any relevant lifestyle and movement history, such as sports. Working together, we create a treatment plan that corrects unhealthy movement patterns and takes a whole-body approach to wellness.

Improving fitness performance

Many athletes who want to run/bike/swim – whatever – faster and better work with us. If you’re a serious athlete, you know that how you move, the habits you create with movement, make a difference in times, performance, and how you feel. Dr. Graham is a certified CrossFit coach. We don’t just talk about it, we live fitness.

Eliminating chronic pain

Chronic muscular pain takes over life and affects everything you do. Myofascial Pain Syndrome is excruciating and not always located at the source of the injury. Because the intense pressure doesn’t show up in many types of tests, traditional treatment is pain medication. Movement Rx is trained to work out the pain naturally through Myofascial Release technique that eliminates the pressure. It’s safe, gentle, and restores a pain-free life.