Great Athletes Take Care of Their Bodies

“Chiropractic is key to the work we do for mobility. Pain or misalignment may manifest in more than one area. We look at the big picture to ensure that healing and restoration are lasting effects of our treatments.”

Chiropractic uses adjustments and just the right amount of pressure on strategic locations of the body to relieve pain and correct misalignments. The body responds and proper functioning is restored without surgery or medication. Such adjustments open up the pathways for normal nerve transmissions that help the body heal naturally.


Relieve Pain

Hands-on techniques improve quality of life.

Identifying Source

Getting to the root issue makes lasting changes.

Gentle Adjustments

Treatments reduce strain and stress.

Chiropractic for many conditions

Many people think ‘neck and back pain’ when they think about seeing a chiropractor. While we can help with neck and back pain, chiropractic techniques are effective for many other issues as well:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Whiplash and other muscle injuries related to car accidents and avoid stress injury.

Dr. Graham at Movement Rx is trained to administer the Alexander Self-Myofascial Release Technique. He starts by identifying the tension in the fascia, or soft connective tissue surrounding the muscles. He also determines the trigger points that cause pain. Then, he teaches patients simple exercises they can do to enhance movement and reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body.

Chiropractic treatment process

Here’s what you can expect when you visit Movement Rx. We will:

  • Listen your health concerns and goals, and ask about history so that we can understand all the possible related conditions.
  • Perform a chiropractic exam to test movement patterns and range of motion. We may also recommend other types of tests, and we’ll talk with you about the purpose and expected outcomes before we do anything.
  • Provide a recommendation for a treatment plan – what type of treatment, how many sessions we expect, other factors such as exercise or nutrition as needed.
  • Treat the condition with the recommended adjustment or combination with joint mobilization or soft tissue mobilization.
  • Recommend self-care treatments that you can do at home to reinforce and enhance the work we do in the office. 

Chiropractic For Ongoing Health

Regular chiropractic adjustments keep the body in alignment, helping to prevent further injury and maintaining musculoskeletal and nervous system health. Taking care of your body maintains quality of life without pain. We combine chiropractic treatment with other methods that enhance mobility. We support healthy lifestyles with nutrition, supplementation, and recommendations for self-care.